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Πως σας φανηκε το 7ο επεισοδιο?

Μου φάνηκε...

To καλύτερο ως τώρα
Πολύ καλό
Το Χειρότερο ως τώρα

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1Πως σας φανηκε το 7ο επεισοδιο? Empty Πως σας φανηκε το 7ο επεισοδιο? Την / Το Πεμ Αυγ 03, 2017 2:25 pm

Πως σας φανηκε το 7ο επεισοδιο? 350?cb=20120728224458

"Duel and Unusual Punishment", known as "Sho's Vehicroid Deck" in the Japanese version, is the seventh episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime. It first aired in Japan on November 17, 2004 and in the United States on October 19, 2005.
Jaden Yuki and Syrus Truesdale are punished for their trespassing at the Abandoned Dorm, and a Tag-Team Duel is set up. If they lose, they'll be expelled, but if they win, they'll get off with no punishment. Jaden and Syrus Duel against one another as practice, and the latter's self-esteem issues interfere with his Dueling.

Jaden vs. Syrus... Ενδιαφέρον, πολύ καλό

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